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Too long to update

Hi I’ve been updating my go pro hero 4 for 2hrs already is it really like this ? It’s too long to update .
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Re: Too long to update

No, it should take about 5-10 minutes. Factory reset the camera and try a different SD card with a fresh firmware download. Be sure to extract the UPDATE folder to your computer and then put the UPDATE FOLDER (not onto the blank SD card (Best Practice is to do a FULL format prior to placing the UPDATE folder onto the card). Use a USB/SD adapter to copy the UPDATE folder onto the card. Do not plug the camera into the computer. Be sure your SD card is on this list
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Re: Too long to update

@redstoke42671, were you updating your camera using the GoPro App? If the Over the Air (OTA) update fails to install, this may be due to either a wireless connectivity issue or the mobile device itself. Try to unpair the camera with your mobile device and pair the two devices again, then attempt to install the update one more time. You can also try using a different device (iOS 11 or newer / Android 6.0.1 or later). 
If you continue to get the same problem with the wireless update, follow the manual update instructions specified on this article:

Please also consider the suggestions provided by @danielr15 when performing a manual update.

Hopefully this helps.