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To those suffering Smart Remote woes

The Hero smart remote is my primary interface to the Hero cameras as I always mount the cameras on a motorcycle or helmet. I've used the smart remotes on Hero 3/4/5/7 and now 8.They have always worked flawlessly on the 3 and 4, minor interruptions on the 5, and a complete failure on the 7. 3 different Gopro remotes all fail on the 7. I returned my first Hero 7 for warranty replacement and that one had the same issues with random disconnects, and failed reconnects. This is a well documented issue for the 7. Well, I hoped that the 8 would solve the issues with the smart remotes, but Im once more having connection issues, though not as serious.

So I may have a solution ,at least for the 8. I purchased the Teleisen Smart Remote, the newest version on Amazon. So far at least, I have had very good connectivity with my new Hero 8. Im leaving for a long Motorcycle tour in a week, and am hoping for good results. On my last trip, I about tossed the 7 off a cliff I was so frustrated with it. Thankfully I had my trusty Hero 5 along to pick up the slack.

If the Hero 8 continues to lose connection for me, then this may be my last Gopro....


Perhaps this will help others with the Smart Remote Blues.... There's others out there, I know.

TELEISN Smart Remote for GoPro Hero8/7/6/5/4/session .Waterproof Remote Control. GoPro WiFi Remote