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Re: To buy or not to buy

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My personal, honest, opinion :


It is a great camera for sure. It has some issues. Yes -> GP7 is overheating around 57 minutes of 4k recording but after 1.61 FW is just much warm not hot as hell like before. Be ready to buy extra battery/ies. Dont be sure it is waterresist, maybe waterproof -  like little rain. I have no courage to put it in the water without case. I like the quality of video, hypersmooth, timewarp and "easy to use" interface(one exception: no indicators of battery level and sd card while rec > :) I have to mention it). 


So..... there is couple thing for next update but at all it is really nice piece of electronic.

Would I buy it again...... yes of course. So do not hesitate.

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Re: To buy or not to buy

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hi @supercreek21222,


I own 5,6 and 7

people that are pleased with a camera, do not post here a "what excellent camera is this"...they simply use it.

I'm sure 98% of the gopro hero owners, do not even know about this forum.


here, in this forum are the ones that have found issues, are not pleased with the camera, the ones that want to use the camera at his full potential, and the ones that share their experience in enhancing the outcome.


when somebody found an issue, does not read/search this for the same issue, there are multiple reports...


when you say that every newly released product has the same issue as the older model... do not compare apples and oranges.

even look the same, h5, h6 and h7 have completely different hardware inside.

CPU, chip, memory, etc.

h7 has a completely redesigned interface also.


about the battery consumption...somebody said I want better power management h7 than h4...again apples and can not compare h7 codecs, compression, stabilization, etc. with previous models.

at some resolution@fps h7 use HEVC, previous models are still h.264.

and everything in life and technology has a price ($, power consumption, etc.)


from my experience, and not only from mine, the future releases will also solve the issues (as was h5 and h6), some reported by us in this forum.


this forum has the collective experience of many enthusiasts ...and this is priceless... 


just me,









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Re: To buy or not to buy

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I have HERO5/6/7 and all have gone surfing, swimming, and shallow water diving (around 10-15 feet). Not one has had a waterproof issue.
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Re: To buy or not to buy

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Robert the h6 and h7 are very similar in term of electronic inside,and when im talking about power consumption im not talking in use (of course filming in 4k60 may drain it more than 4k30(h4)) i was talking not using it with gps,voice control and other things battery doesnt like mode off,i tried everything and i still lose about 10% not using it in a short time while my hero 4 was ok

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Re: To buy or not to buy

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Yes, I turned all that off, screen brightness down, etc. Just going through the menus and familiarizing myself with the cam my battery drained about 26% from full charge in 10 minutes. I have and external battery I will use
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Re: To buy or not to buy

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HERO4 is inferior to HERO7 and HERO6 in so many ways it's not even worth discussing. If you are happy with the HERO4, great, stick with it. The fact that we are giving so much attention to this rediculous post is beyond me.
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Re: To buy or not to buy

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hi all,


the only settings that drain the battery when off is Wake on Voice - on 


for any other settings,like touch screen on and going through the menu, the fact that the battery is brand new (and miss at least 3-4 full charges) you will pay the "price" - battery consumption.




common settings:

GPS - on

Voice control - on

WiFi - on (implicit bluetooth on)


the setting that makes the difference from 0%/h to  2-3%/h is Wake on Voice - keep in mind that Wake on Voice is active for 8 hours only.





Wake on Voice - on 

70% at 15:43

67% at 16:56

meaning 3% in 73min


Wake on Voice - off

100% at 17:09

100% at 18:17

meaning 0% in 68min




wake on voice on test:test_1_begin_percent.jpg








wake on voice - off test









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Re: To buy or not to buy

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Thanks Robert interesting post,on my side i didnt turn the voice on On i know that will make the gopro on stand by/using battery


Danielr once again im not talking to you,good your 100 gopros work well without a problem,mine not 100% id like to,so why always post here to be rude nonstop