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Tips for best quality vs. small file sizes

I hope someone can help me with this.


I have a GoPro Hero 8 Black. Most of the video's I shoot are of full volleyball matches (around 2 hours). I don't have a lot of experience filming and need a bit of advise on which quality/settings to choose on the GoPro.


As I said above the video's will be around 2 hours long, shot inside (on a tripod) and need to be uploaded to YouTube. I need the video's to be of good - if not excellent - quality so we can use them for analysis, but the problem I'm currently experiencing is that if I use the highest quality available (4K), the files are around 150GB...


Please help :)

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Re: Tips for best quality vs. small file sizes

Well you can't have high quality without having huge file sizes.  So you need to choose whether your want the highest quality possible and large file sizes or low quality and small file sizes.


So your options are limited to the following:


Reduce your bit rate

Reduce your frame rate

Reduce your recording size (4K vs 1080P).