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Timewarp to normal on chest mount?

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I’m wanting to use my Hero 9 on a chest mount for some mountain biking.

Unfortunately part of the ride is boring uphill sections, as you’ve got to go up to come down!

What I’d like to do is film the boring sections in Timewarp 30 speed, and then the more exciting downhill parts at normal speed.
I can flick between normal and 30x using the button in the middle of the screen - but if I have the camera on a chest mount, I’m unable to access the screen.

Is there a way of doing this without using the screen? I want to be able to do this whilst riding, without having to stop and adjust the mount to access the screen.
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Re: Timewarp to normal on chest mount?

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Seems I can answer my own question...

In Timewarp, you can edit the on screen shortcuts, but also the ‘mode’ button too. I’ve changed this to switch between normal and 30x.