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Re: Timelapse interval on Hero 5 black

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I'm having the same issue with my Gopro: the only interval available is 0.5 sec. It's difficult to say the version as it's not mentioned anywhere, but I bought it in 2018 so it's likely above-mentioned "GoPro 2018". 


I was really upset to read the conclusion of this thread. How comes that the latest GoPro version is so limited in the timelapse feature? Does anyone know if this is some kind of hardware limitation? Or can we hope to get a firmware update and have access to more interval options?




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Re: Timelapse interval on Hero 5 black

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Hi @fastpike40727,


If you have HERO2018 it is really like that since it's a lower version. 

And you can't add other features just by updating the firmware. 





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Re: Timelapse interval on Hero 5 black

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Hi Volodymyr,

Yeah, that's not really something they tell you beforehand. Not in their best interest I guess.

I tried to look for workarounds, but couldn't find any. There are USB devices which can send a signal to take a picure every x seconds or so, but in searching for that, i also found out that the Gopro is also not very good at being on for a long time. Battery will run out quickly and putting it on an extrnal power source apparently is bad for the battery.

I had hoped to use my gopro for doing a timelapse of a building project close by, but decided not to because of these limitations.


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Re: Timelapse interval on Hero 5 black

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The interval available is displayed on the product discription


Using an external power supply is fine and will not effect the battery.