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Timelapse 1 second has a shutter affect.

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As I taken a Timelapse Prifle saved as:


4K  Video Format (gopro camera software) Wide.  1 second Interval, EV-0.5, WHiteBalance Auto, GoPro Color, Sharpness Medium, 1X N/A,

ISO min 100, ISO Max 1600.


The Duration I timed was  1 hour  from Sun down to Evening.  As the Sun is down, the Lighting Already On Before recording for the Past 30 plus minutes.


The set up on a Shorty, to the fence, as  wind is minimal, but people leaning can cause a camera shake, while no one in my view was around  for over 450 minutes, neverknow if and when the fence can shake.


In the Video presented, you will see as the  the lighting falls and night is taking over, the lighting is on the Full  frame and  most demanding on the lighter object, the lower part, causing a flicker, it is (I am set to Auto flicker 60hz) and can be a issue?


As we discussed about hte Hero 7 Black and timelapse interval of 5 seconds a Gyro issue, where movement is seen, here it is now lighting.  


1. Can I replicate the same scene?

2. Would a different camera angle differ?

3. would nightlapse,  timelapse photo,  be a  better choice?


These are some questions that  I have to look into, and see if  it is a issue, or if the lighting was still charging as gases in todays lights to need to have time to charge. the answer is quite clear the GoPro is  creating the issue, and some may not see it as a issue yet or even have an issue.


Here is the clip you may decide for yourself if I simply went out and hte issue only presented once, I will keep an eye on this and for those that only careof their own issue and moves on they will neverknow of any issue .


 thant said what are your thoughts:




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