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Time-lapse video mode generate more than 1 file in my sd card.


I had record a time-lapses in video mode with hero 6. The time-lapse was recorded during 40 minutes (approx).
When I play back the time lapse on the GoPro screen I have a single file of 5 minutes (approx).

Until here everything is ok, but when I try to transfer the file to my phone using the app or to my pc through the SD card, my time-lapse is split in 2 files. The first one of 3:34 minutes and second file of 1:32 minutes.

I notice that the name of the files are almost the same but a consecutive number is adding at the beginning of the name; example:
- first file of 3:34 minutes with name: GH019935.MP4
- second file of 1:32 minutes with name: GH029935.MP4

I have recorded many time-lapse videos and always happend the same, the video is splitting at 3:34 minutes. Is it normal? What is the reason of that? There is anyway to get the time-lapse video in a single file?

I hope someone can help me with that doubts.

Thank in advance

PD: sorry for my English ;)
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Re: Time-lapse video mode generate more than 1 file in my sd card.

Hey @juanmy1986,


I think what you are experiencing is called chaptering. It splits those files in order to keep them safe in the event of an SD Error or something along those lines. You can learn more here:




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Re: Time-lapse video mode generate more than 1 file in my sd card.

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This is a bug that was introduced in firmware 2.60 on GoPro 5. I have the exact same problem:


Go Pro 6 suffers from the same bug. I'm surprised no one at GoPro noticed this. It's been 8 months since this "feature" as well.


For this to be called "chaptering" it would have to meet any of the criterias that GoPro mentions on the support site that Ryan linked to. None is met. Facts are that:

  • Any version earlier than 2.60 (GoPro 5) doesn't do this.
  • The firmware notes doesn't mention any of this.
  • Chaptering should be seamless for the user. But this bug splits the videofile into several files on the SD card AND each "chaptered" file is it's own video file even in the GoPro App for smartphones.
  • If I do a timelapse over night (about 8 hours) I would get minimum 6 video files. I would then have to download some video editing app/software to stich them together into 1 video file which requires me to download these 6 files and guess which order they should be in. This is not how this feature should work.
  • Every 1-2 minutes of videotime or so I get one file that's 1 sec in length. (What critieria is met for the firmware to make 1 second files?)

Let's hope GoPro fixes this soon. This feature is completely useless for now. Unfortunately, the GoPro software for stitching a "photo timelapse" together is filled with bugs as well. Not in the camera but the latest version of the software for Mac doesn't have a working preview window on High Sierra (I've created an issue for this) and The Windows version only works with Windows 10 (not Windows 8.1 or earlier) I bought a GoPro for the timelapse feature so I'm obviously quite dissapointed as I'm not allowed to downgrade either. (And I dualboot into Windows 8.1 on my Mac mini)

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Re: Time-lapse video mode generate more than 1 file in my sd card.

Hello @chokobanana


Thank you for the feedback. We have brought this information to the team in charge. We will keep you posted once we hear back from them. 


Best regards, 

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Re: Time-lapse video mode generate more than 1 file in my sd card.

This is even worse. The telemetry  data are lost in all of the 3:34min segments. Quick says it is missing. There is telemetry data om the segments which are shorter and the 1sec long ones. That way most of the telemetry is missing, the videos cannot be stitched properly together and the gauges are not present.

That happened with me and my frind after we were looking at the timelapse videos of a very long trip accross Europe.


It is very frustrating and is even more frustrating realising that this is a bug present in the Gopro firmware from long ago. 


At least you should provide us with a solution to recover the lost telemetry data from the videos. Maybe it is not exactly lost, but wrongly indexed in the mp4 file. The corresponding low resolution files have the same problem - telemetry data is missing.

Can upload one of those if needed.