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Time Stamp not fixed after 3 years

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So I have big problems with time stamps.


My camera have correct time, my phone have correct time. I upload the media from camera to cloud directly.


I noticed that media is not organized correctly. I checked timestamps. They all are off by 5 hours. However if I upload from my laptop to cloud, it's all jumbled up nothing makes sense.


I contacted support. They said they are working on it. I was lead to believe that it will be fixed within few days. Then I did some reading and saw that this issue been ongoing from 2018!!!! 3 full years and still no fix.


I am very upset. I bought GoPro because I was led to believe that they are established company after 10 years of trial and error. I joined cloud subscription because I believe that cloud is safe. Cloud been popular for over 10 years. ANY ISSUES WITH UPLOADING would have been fixed by now. Google Photos, Amazon Cloud, Apple Cloud, ETC ETC. NO ISSUES.

Support assured me that it will be fixed in 2-3 days.. HOW??? After 3 years I cannot believe this. I really want to return my Hero 9 and cancel cloud subscription and go with chinese camera which seem to work out of box.

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Re: Time Stamp not fixed after 3 years

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Hi @rcolbeck


Sorry for any trouble caused.

The issue with the date/time stamp has been reported to the team.

Please note that while some functions of cameras may work with Quik for desktop, we have not provided any updates to the program prior to HERO8 and therefore we are unable to determine what features will work, what won't, and what consistency you may get with HERO8 and newer models.


You may also explore other programs that can be used for the same purpose. Moreover, the GoPro App also supports importing, viewing, and editing GoPro media on a compatible mobile device. 





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Re: Time Stamp not fixed after 3 years

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This was never resolved for 3 years so I am not sure about it.


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Re: Time Stamp not fixed after 3 years

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You'd be relieved to know, this has been going on far longer - for me beginning with the Hero 5, but it pre-dates even that one;


I've given up on it ever being fixed. My videos come in as "far in the future" as we are on GMT+10, so when I import them through the gopro app, they are usually on a time some time tomorrow.


It's really annoying trying to work with mixed footage from different devices (e.g. iphone cam and gopro) in particular for multi-day projects. 


It should be an "easy fix" yet.. 5+ years onward...



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Re: Time Stamp not fixed after 3 years

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I bought NoPro because I believed that they are established company with solid products. Now I learned that before I buy anything, I have to check their "support" pages to see if they care about fixing anything. Thanks NoPro for the lesson learned.


Reading upon pages of pages here, I saw that ALMOST NONE GET FIXED after so many years. WOW.


It's like that NoPro doesn't want to fix anything. I called support and they kept promising me that fix is coming in 2 days. WOW. I asked them why bother lying? Why be ProLie?


They said this issue is being looked at by the advance team after I brought it to their attention. Hmm, Why not 3 years ago? Why not 5 years ago? Everyone brought it to their attention. Hmm. ProLie.


It's not hard to change timezone settings. I can see the correct times when importing to my PC, etc. But everything goes out of whack when uploading to NoPro cloud. Doesn't make sense. Photos is fine, learn from it and apply to videos please.