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Time Lapse Video Question - Capacity

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I'm about to take my GoPro Hero 6 on my first big project, a rail trip across Europe with my family. But I need some advice.


The plan is to have the GoPro looking out of the window where we're seated during the rail journey and film the changing view as video and time-lapse video.


At the moment I have the supplied 36GB card in. This yields a recording time (when the camera is set up to 2.7k, 30fps, Protune) of 1Hr 55mins.


Based on this when I'm using a 128Gb card I should get a recording time of around 7hrs 40mins.


The rail journey is in two legs, London to Paris (around 2hrs 20mins) and then the evening sleeper to Verona in Italy which leaves Paris at 7.10pm arriving in Verona at 7.54am (just over 12 hours).


For the first leg, I'm going to film video which I'm then going to speed up on the final cut so that the journey time compresses. On the second leg, I want to use time-lapse video to shoot pictures which will compile into video, and this is the bit I need advice on. Assuming the I leave the settings on 2.7k, 30fps, Protune how many time-lapse stills will fit onto a 128Gb card?


Basically, I want to space them out evenly over the journey so the equation will be:


The number of images (that will fit onto the card) ÷ travel time = interval timing


Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Time Lapse Video Question - Capacity

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Hi @creative19


Please check those link below they might help.


Best Regards,


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Re: Time Lapse Video Question - Capacity

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Thanks so much for those links, very helpful and really useful.

I didn't find the link that helpful (the interface doesn't make it that easy) but the link is stunningly good and pretty much exactly what I wanted. Now bookmarked and also shared on the FB group, 'GoPro Pros- 2018' -

(Personally, I think you should pay him something for the programming and incorporate the calculator into the GoPro website because I'm sure other people would find it really useful too)