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Re: Time Lapse SD Card Error Silver 4

If it's SanDisk Ultra, then the card is your issue.
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Re: Time Lapse SD Card Error Silver 4

I get 2 64 GB San Disk Extreme Garde, 1 128 GB Samsung Evo Card and 1 128 GB from Lexar...

Evers Card gets the Problem on the Hero 4 Silver... every Card works on the Hero 4 Black ive had.

In the past the Hero 4 with the same Software and same sd Card dont gets the Error!

Update... ich changes the Batterie of the Go Pro and nie it World fine... so die Problem is definently and Software Hause with the powermanagement....

So Go Pro... diese die Problem to find out the issue?!

The Go Pro Support sucks hart... the same at the selling.... creditcard only **bleep** 2014 i can also buy with PayPal and others... in 2018 only creditcard... for the company i wich they write red letters again and again...

P.s. make the cams half priced, kill your Support (better no support as a bad support like... "the sd card is the problem" - insnt it? Why ja es Card Worms eine in all oder Situation and in different cameras?! No logic and unskilled support) and Change your selling options...
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Re: Time Lapse SD Card Error Silver 4

Sry Auto correct in a Samsung Dive...
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Re: Time Lapse SD Card Error Silver 4

Servus , habe das gleiche Problem und hab mir das gopro firmware V 1.0 2 wieder auf die Cam kopiert und schon funktioniert der NightTimeLapse modus wieder ohne SD Card Error nach paar Aufnahmen und nimmt auf bis die Karte voll ist ;)