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This thing sucks

I have the hero 5 and when I wanna change the settings the screen is constantly turning off I think I am turning off the go pro and come back in a few hours to use it again and dead how am I suppose to enjoy something where every new clip needs a new battery this thing sucks and if I don't figure out how to use it tonight I have been trying for a while I will throw this piece of grap in the garbage cause that's all it is to me. And the editing of this footage sucks the GoPro edit app sucks I hate GoPro 100%
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Re: This thing sucks

@Anonymous - Your battery should not be draining out within a few hours unless it's in use. Even with the wireless on, the battery should last for at least several hours. If your battery is draining that quickly while the camera is not in use, please contact our Customer Support team at so they can troubleshoot the issue with you. At the rate of drain you're describing, you may have a short.


As for the editing app, are you using Studio or Quik? Both are great for basic editing functions, but if there's something you're expecting them to do that they don't, you can suggest new features at




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Re: This thing sucks

I can't speak for the other poster but here I my observations on why the gopro sucks.
First the case hinge attachment is prone to damage and failure. It protruding out is awkward and if you have a mount with thinner or worn fingers your camera will never stay where you want. Instead of the hinge a threaded mount can be formed into the case. a threaded mount should be on the body of the camera as well.
The battery gets drained pretty quick (about twoce as fast) when the wifi is enabled and cannot be disabled while shooting video, burst shot or timelapse.
Transferring and or importing files via usb is slow.
Not being able to charge and take pictures. I would like to take longer timelapse than what the battery can provide.
The file system, file naming and structure is pure garbage. The way video files are broken into smaller files is a great idea for not losing in case of damage or file write problems. However the naming structure does not allow for synchronous order and is very very confusing when organizing, sorting, transfering, editing, finding etc. There is no easy, intuitive or quick way to make it into 1 file post recording.
GoPro studio is one of the worst editing programs I have ever used. I have yet been able to make a finished video with out interlaced zebra lines. When viewing the raw video there is no interlace but when I render final video it is 'laced. The file conversion is slow on my i3 laptop and cannot get studio to install on i5 tower. Gopro needs to refund my data I wasted downloading 100mb of pure chipotle flavored **bleep**.
Lack of linux support.

What I would change is this. Get rid of the video all together. The audio comes out poor anyway you use it because the material of the case inhibits soundwaves and is best suited for picking up the clatter of the camera body/case.
All you need is the timelapse setting and have the range from 1/60 sec to 60 sec. Its way easier to handle in post production than the video files.

I do like the solid locking mechanism. Very well constructed and easy to use with gloves on.

Thanks, stephen

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Re: This thing sucks


Stephen, you're complaining about features on a camera release 3 years ago.  Many of the issues you mention have been resolved. 

You don't need the protective case on the new cameras and the audio is much improved. If you are having trouble tightening the thumb screws you can always use The Tool  (Thumb Screw Wrench + Bottle Opener) or purchase thumbscrews that have a protrusion that allows you to exert more pressure with your thumb like the HI-TORQUE THUMBSCREW or WINGBOLTZ THUMBSCREW.  The battery life of the Hero5 is about twice that of the Hero3+ and you can hook up external power to the Hero5 and your Hero3+ for longer shooting times.  


I don't know what you mean by file naming being confusing.  My footage is all named sequentially GOPR0001, GOPR0002,...when individual files.  When chaptered (same video broken up into parts) it's GP010001 (first chapter) GP020001 (second chapter).  Since it's all one file the number 0001 is the same but the first part of the file GP01, GP02,.. are the chapters of that one file.


Transferring files via USB is pretty quick if you use a good microSD card, and USB 3.0.  Transfer speed will be slower if you use a slower microSD and/or USB 2.0. I suggest the Samsung Pro micorSD with a read/write speed of about 90 MB/s.Transferring via the camera is faster on Hero5 since it uses USB-C and MTP.  It is much slower on Hero3+ which uses the mini USB and USB 2.0.


Studio does seem to give some people a lot of issues, especially if they are not using at least an Intel Quad Core i7 or better as GoPro recommends when listing Minimum System Requirements for GoPro Studio and GoPro App for Desktop.


You might want to try different editing software but I think you are generally going to have issues with an i3 or i5 system.  The mobile apps  are pretty good and you can quickly and easily transfer pictures and video using the Quick Key or just by downloading via the capture app from your GoPro Plus account.


I still use my Hero3+ Black and think it's a fantastic camera but I'm personally glad that I upgraded to the Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session.





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Re: This thing sucks

Thanks for your reply. You tokk my review too personally and what does it matter if its 3 years old? Does gopro have a free upgrade service that I dont know about? How 'bout you buy me a new hero, sd card you recommend and an i7.

You obviously failed middle school science. The tighter I screw in the mount hing bolt the more pressure is exerted on the fingers thus leaving it prone to damaging more. On one mount it doesn't even tighten. I don't have an unlimted source of money to upgrade or replace when I "complain" about a product. I did say how much I like the locking mechanism.

The filename does no need the gp, yes images are sequential but should also be timestamped and timelapse pictures should go into seperate folders.

The video naming is what is horrible. If I shoot 3 1 hour videos in a row I get 15 files. The first video file is "GOPR6972" the second file to that first 1 hour photo is named "GP016972" the third is "GP026972". The second 1 hour video is named "GOPR6973" thus when put alphabetical is after the first 1 hour video segment number 1 but before 1 hour video segment 2. So if you were to watch in order the video files, time would be stuck like Groundhog Day. Also the change from "GOPR####" to "GP######" sorts the video files mixed in with still images in non chronological order.

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Re: This thing sucks

I have to agree, having given the GoPro a good amount of trys, over a good period of time. I too must say that I am less than impressed with the **bleep** thing. And fully understand why I have read so many bad reviews of this product and the software. 

The software is a joke and makes the whole experience a total waste of time.

Having wasted so much money on this, and knowing full well that I will only get a fraction of what I paid for it when i resell it.
I can truly say that I understand why so many people have coplained online about it, and wont be going near this brand again.

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Re: This thing sucks

I  learned to give it time, and work my issues out,


I learned to  use my camera end. I will come here and express my true feelings good, bad , ugly andalso   tell you ecxactly how  my issue is and what i am doing to work it out and  only thing i asked is any one lese have the same issue and what we can do to get it resolved.




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Re: This thing sucks

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Just make a camera that works and forget about drones, LOL