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Re: This thing sucks

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Why is the video shaky? How are and what are you recording?
Shaky footage pretty much up to the user.
Do you have IS on? If so you do know that it doesn't do all modes like 4K0fps? 
The IS is good, but it's not a gimbal. 

If it is gimmiky, why did you buy it????? 
Love 4 and 2.7K, gives scope to zoom and pan during editing when making 1080p films. 

Seems a bit of unbased rant. Eveyone I know is so happy with the Image stabaization on the 6 and the great image qualtiy. 

I'll agree the Quic is not very good, but don't use it. Davinci Resolve (free) for me. 

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Re: This thing sucks

Don't waste your time @no66
While I think GoPro goes far beyond what they should in allowing this thread on Their website, anyone who has even the slightest bit if photo/video knowledge can see through these comments for what they are. Ignorant, silly, and in many cases, written by people pretending to own the cameras when in reality they are just shorting the stock.

I won't argue that Quik desktop app is great. I had high hopes for it prior to the release, but now I fear they have trapped themselves in the box of trying to get it to work instead of just starting over (although, if they do scrap Quik, watch how many complain when it's gone. Just like with Studio, LOL).

Anyway, Hero6 Black is an amazing camera. If people don't know how to use it, get the most from the settings, or how to edit the footage, hopefully they will reach out with their questions instead of ignorant negative comments. Always glad to help, as many of the members here are.
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Re: This thing sucks

I have been having this problem from the beginning out of the box from REI (late 2016). Thought it was me cause there wasn't a fix online. Haven't had the time to bitch but now I have a project and ---- GO FRIGGIN PRO DOESN't WORK.


DO NOT BUY THIS LOW GRADE PRODUCT. Unless of course you want to look stupid in front of a client while this little stinker laughs at you wilst you try to just set it up through the "stupid" touch screen that DOES NOT WORK!!!!!


Another reason why the "Shareholder" mentality SUUUUUCKS!


So, now, I'll just take my pidgeon+tape+kodak set-up and deal.....but I WILL be pee-pee'ing on go-pro forever.


(BTW, this **bleep**ing company doesn't put spell check in this page code to make you look stupid if your angry and don't spell check, I'm not there)


Bye. You suck.

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Re: This thing sucks

the lack of spell checker doesn't make you look angry, the fact you've wasted your time posting in 2 threads does that for you


you say you've been too moan, yet managed to find time to open an account & even choice a signature picture for your account. If your'd of spent a bit more time researching on the forum, you'll see touchscreen problems aren't common. So getting an exchange & your problems would of been fixed


hope you manage to impress your client using £20 ebay special camera's instead

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Re: This thing sucks

Go Pro Sucks Always seeig problems in the last 6 years what does that tell you