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This place needs some positivity!

I get that this place is going to mostly be complaining about issues, but I feel like GoPro deserves some kudos as well. I preordered on 10/6 before they offered the trade-in program. On 10/9 they offered it, so I called customer service and after only waiting 2 minutes, I had the order cancelled. I promptly placed a new order using the trade-in option. Received confirmation and a return label. Shipped off my hero+ the next morning and it was received the next day (the warehouse is close). My Hero8 shipped on Monday (got a tracking number on Sunday) and it arrived today. It’s flawless and I had it up and running in 10 minutes (including the firmware update.). The UI is hugely improved over my Hero 5 Black, and the test footage I’ve shot looks great. Can’t wait to put it through the paces alongside my Hero 5, Karma Drone and grip, and Session 5.

Thanks GoPro!
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Re: This place needs some positivity!

Congrats on your Purchase and how Gopro taken care of you, really am.  I wa s taken care on within Ten days of Warranty.  can't wait to get my  Hero 8 when  I am ready.   GoPro did a great Job,  i wonder if  they will release a special battery door for the  existing promic holders then to leave it wide open?  I can see them  producing a selicne case that has a     usb type C slot  tightly closed over  (commission) (copyrighting it).  and can not wait to the Media Mod and accessories hit.


Post up some clips and share


 Kudles to the GoPro teams.

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Re: This place needs some positivity!

Loving my hero 8 as well!!!!!!  Thanks go Pro!

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Re: This place needs some positivity!

Received my wife's GoPro Hero 8 yesterday, had a blast setting it up and exploring the interface, it's awesome.  I have a trade up offer placed (they got the camera on the 15th) so just waiting for that to process so I get my own Hero 8.  Hate having to wait, but it will be worth it.


Going to upgrade at least one of my Fusions to a Max, simply because the in camera stitching will speed up workflow a heck of a lot.


Yup, Kudos to GoPro, they make great camera's with great fun features and most importantly, the image quality is amazing if you use em properly.