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This camera is unusable - GoPro Fusion

I've worked in video production for over 20 years, using and owning a wide range of cameras.  GoPro Fusion sucks.


Maybe not the camera - but this GoPro Fusion software is SO BAD, it makes the camera worthless.  Worthless.


My mac crashes at the end of every render.  5K iMac.  Adobe Creative Cloud works great.


I'd like my money back for this camera.  Please.  Or a trade-in in case the MAX works.


It's not usable in a professional setting no matter how hard I try to get it to work.


Matthew Alcorn

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Re: This camera is unusable - GoPro Fusion

if  you fall under tehir return policy, you will need to contat, if hts pass the return policy then they can exchange like for like under warranty.   have you tried Resolve 16.

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Re: This camera is unusable - GoPro Fusion

Let's see...



 The above were produced using the GoPro Fusion Studio software (for stitching) and Premier Pro (for final render, titles and color grading).


GoPro Fusion Studio is limited in what it can do, it's really only used for stitching.  I found that it can crash due to a memory overflow but there is a work around for windows (setting the affinity to only use two processor threads).


I wouldn't recommend the Max as its shooting resolution is the same as the Fusion and it's missing some of the Fusions options.  The only advantage is that it's stitching is done in camera, but it also uses a lower bit rate for recording.


I am by no means a professional and I have less than 2 years experience in producing amatuer video's (and I'm sure it shows), however I seem to be able to get quite good results using my Fusion and my workaround for the software makes it quite stable indeed.  


If you continue to have issues and want a refund I suggest you either contact the retailer you bought the camera from (providing it's in a 30 day window) or if you bought from GoPro directly, use the "contact us" option at the bottom of the page to get to sales and support.  This is a public support forum and the GoPro staff here only offer technical support, they'll pretty much tell you the exact same options as the above.


Good luck and hopefully you get this issue sorted!