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There are too many conversion issues.

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When using GOPRO MAX Explorer, if you put 360 files in the Japanese folder name
Unable to convert due to an error.

You can convert any folder with an English name.


Converting from a smartphone is a pain. It takes too long.

Even after conversion, because of encoding,1. Load with ADOBE premiere
2.Export with MP4
3. Edit with other video software (FCPX in my case)
Work occurs.

(If you don't do this, you can't view .MOV.)Is it really CINE FORM422? Can you set the initial setting to PRORES422?


1. render on your smartphone
2.Transfer to GOOGLE DRIVE
3.Download videos converted to MP4 from there

(However, this is only about 1GB of data for about 2 minutes.)


Even after conversion, the block noise is quite bad.


The data capacity is usually too big to fit in a smartphone. Did n’t you think?

I don't understand the intention of processing such a large amount of data using only a smartphone.


I just bought it, so I didn't have to make it my main camera.


Please provide something like FUSION STUDIO at least. I also want the Macintosh version.