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The worse online shopping experience to date.

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The Most dreadful experience I had on online shopping and product support. So I bought a Gopro7 on the 12th of August, after two days I ordered a Super suit for it. During this time I found odd that it was taking too long so I open open a support chat that kept me waiting for 3 hours even thou it stated 5 minutes waiting time.


They told it was on the way and it had a tracking number. On the next day still no invoice and the tracking number didnt exist for UPS. I said ok... lets open another support chat and another 3 hours waiting to return the super suit that I ordered and then I got a reply from Gopro support saying " we don't have your order on the system so we can't do a RMA now " suport told me to rest assure they would take care of it and so far nothing, I also took the opportunity to ask for the other order ( the one with the gopro 7 ) same reply its shipped... ok...

The next day still nothing on lets go to support again, and surprise the girl told me it didn't shipped yet. I hope I never have to talk to support again after all this RMA is done because you proved the most unviable option when it comes to buy online. The worse experience I ever had in online shopping. And Covid isn't excuse for everything one thing is the delays the other is providing customers with bad information. I want my RMA's done, no one is sending or informing me of what is happening. And now back to a 3 hours waiting queue to talk with support, and yes I said to call back but your 5 minutes turn out to be 1 or 2 days and by the time you call most likely as it happens I would be working and without availability to talk properly.