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The mystery of 360 GoPro in goggles

I'm having a horrible time trying to find out what should be obvious info about watching Gopro 360 Max files in goggles (side-by-side). I don't find this info in any of the (many) Gopro apps, viewers (except on my computer screen), editing software, etc. I would think this is one of the first things one would want to do with this footage, yet I can't find any info on it.


I want to be able to watch my 360 Gopro footage on my iphone in goggles like Google Cardboard or Merge. Please help!


Cheers and thanks



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Betreff: The mystery of 360 GoPro in goggles

i'm using no Iphone but a samsung (android) with SamsungVR , and a Oculus Quest as well.

In both cases I can  recommend using the skybox-VR player which can check for the "spatial-bit" , or can manually be set to 360mode (in the playerbar the icon which looks like a cube gives you access to the different 360/160/3D/2D " settings.


The most important part of the editing is "injecting" the "spatial-bit" into the final clip.

Either you can do it in premierePro (exportsettings close to the bottom - checkmark the VR box) , or if you are usinf another editor like me, then use google's own free tool "spatial media injector".


That should work as well for the IOS-based gadgets.


everything above is meant to be used as "equirectangular" format (no side-by-side, no top-bottom)

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Betreff: The mystery of 360 GoPro in goggles

Thanks so much for your help! I finally got my processed videos to appear side-by-side after uploading to YouTube and can watch them in my headset via the YT app.