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The camera is locked under water

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When I use my go pro hero 9 black under water by activating it only for recording (after I press the button on the top it stops recording and closes), it got hanged randomly while recording. For example, it got hanged at 00.45 of recording and I realised this after 2 minutes when I looked for the reason why it is not closed. This issue occurred 3 weeks ago, as well(Again under water). I wonder the reason and need help.

PS:  I did not dive more than 10 meters. Also, I am using the waterproof case.

PS2: When I take the battery out after I am dried and place it back it, works normally. However, it took 20 minutes to do this and battery level dropped to 30 from 54

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Re: The camera is locked under water

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Thank you for the details that you provided, @daringhike63285. By chance, have you been able to observe if the issue occurs only when the camera is in the housing? Did you observe difficulty in managing/pressing the button on the housing while underwater? 


If you haven't yet, and if you will be able to test the camera underwater again, perform a manual firmware update. This will help clear any possible error with the current installation, and isolate the issue further. The steps under Manual Update here will guide you.