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The Remote slow to activate Hero 9

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Hello all,


We're some of those engineer types so if this could get to the engineering team that'd be great...


With the Hero 9 turned off, The Remote takes a LONG time to get the Hero 9 functional so we did some digging.


It appears that a BLE connection is established, and the Hero 9 wakes up quickly.  The issue is that the Hero 9 then drops the connection, and the remote re-connects up and everything works fine -- but this really slows down the process.  The on-to-record time could be greatly reduced if this could get fixed.


We've verified this behavior with our own hardware as well...


This problem does NOT happen with the GoPro Max -- Just the Hero 9.


This behavior was in the 1.52 firmware and sadly is also in the 1.60 release.


If you have any additional need for Bluetooth PCAP captures we can provide them.



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Re: The Remote slow to activate Hero 9

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We appreciate the feedback, @supersummi6413. We have shared these details with the Product Team. We will post back and tag should we need more details, or have new information to share about this matter. Thanks!