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Re: The New gopro Hero 6 is a piece of crap!

LOL, same problem as original poster and the 4 or 5 other people that have chimed in. Defective camera left the factory , was put on reseller shelf and sold. 1 minute of QC could have saved me 4-5 hours in the car dealing with a refund, gasoline, lost time at work etc. Clearly not an isolated occurence. Im glad GP bottom line is more important than my time


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Re: The New gopro Hero 6 is a piece of crap!

i'd like to agree but i can't, i couldn't take 1 picture or make 1 video without grainy quality,no matter on what settings.did i get faulty camera??or the 6 isn't sale-ready???

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Re: The New gopro Hero 6 is a piece of crap!

Have you updated the camera's firmware?

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Re: The New gopro Hero 6 is a piece of crap!

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Lol (not at you).


Brick store has a  Policy, if you do not agree with the Policy  do not buy from their store.  Their return policy can be  no questions asked to no returns just exchanges of open electronics. so make sure you ask before you buy.  Their return expirations  range from 7-14 days.   


I understand it is a enconvience to  return back to a store b/c a Product did not work out, you are pressured to return before the expiration period.


You and the Retailer, the Store will have to work out the issue, They will accept the return back for an even change and off you go. the least they can do then turn you away.   Not knowing the   time you purchased and  if within reason we all have to take  your word that the store did not work with you?


Gopro just came on to answer a few times. Did they ever resolve it, they are willing to help.  where are they willing to help off line..  tells you they are just website staff running gopros forums  



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Re: The New gopro Hero 6 is a piece of crap!

Like I SAID is Not the GoPro Issue is the USER Issue... Read the manual is this doesn't work just go to Best Buy and Buy a Brand New Battery and Try to Charge if that doesn't WORK than use the USB C Cable and plug into your iPad connector the GP Should turn ON no matter what if Turn On than the Battery had Problem EASY solution... By the way I got mine Yesterday and let me tell you IS AWESOME, I'm also a professional Photographer and Videographer.