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Terrible loss of quality in Fusion Studio 1.3

Hello all,


Just bought a Gopro Fusion, so I'm new and might be doing something completely wrong...


I've been trying to make some first 360° video, and the separate back and front fisheye videos (.mp4) look just fine. Bun when I try to upload everything in Fusion Studio (the entire 100GBACK and 100GFRNT maps) to render and stitch, the video gets very distorted with green, purple and grey spots and flakes across the screen. 

Screenshot video.JPG

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong, or what setting I might need to change?


Many thanks for any advice.


Kind regards,



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Re: Terrible loss of quality in Fusion Studio 1.3

This is a snap shot of a preview video prior to rendering (in Fusion Studio)? Or, is this after you have rendered in Fusion Studio?

You need to give us a step by step of your import and render process.
Screen shots of your computer monitor screen will be helpful.

Also, include the following:
1) Fusion firmware version
2) SD cards being used (make/model/and size)
3) Computer specs: CPU, Memory, GPU, Storage Drive
4) ALL settings chosen in Fusion Studio for Render
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Re: Terrible loss of quality in Fusion Studio 1.3

Hello Daniel,


Thank you for your reply.


Please find below some technical information:


The picture I posted was before rendering, but rendering doesn't improve the situation. It is very interesting to see that the separate MP4-files (fisheye) look perfect, very sharp and detailed, but only when I upload them into Fusion, the problem starts.

This is a screenshot of a short clip as on the SD-card:

Screenshot front camera.JPG


If I upload this into Fusion Studio, it all of a sudden looks like this:

Screenshot front camera in Fusion.JPG


And after rendering (with settings Cineform 422 High, 2k, Stereo,D-Warp on), it looks like this:

Screenshot front camera in Fusion after Rendering.JPG


I simply use Fusion 1.3, as downloaded from the GoPro Website.

The SD-cards both are Sandisk Extreme 32 Gb

The Fusion settings for this video were 5.2k 30, but I tried other settings, pictures and hyperlapse and they are all the same

My laptop is a standard Toshiba Satellite computer, slightly older already (3 years).


I personally think there might be some problem with the way Fusion Studio works on my laptop, because I cannot use "Browse Camera Media", and need to upload the video files through my laptop's Explorer. And also VR Explorer is slow to open   


But I hope you can come up with some ideas how to rectify this isue.


Many thanks in advance,



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Re: Terrible loss of quality in Fusion Studio 1.3


I'd love to give you an easy fix for this, but unfortunately I don't think your computer is up to specs.


What you need (minimum):

  • 64 bit Windows 10 in desktop mode only. 32 bit systems are not supported.
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 (Recommended: Intel Quad Core i7 or better)
  • Graphics Card: Intel Iris 620 Graphics card that supports OpenGL 4.1 or later (Recommended: Dedicated GPU like AMD Radeon R9 290 with 4GB RAM. NVIDIA GTX 760 with 4GB RAM or better)
    Minimum Video RAM: 4GB RAM
  • RAM: Minimum 8 GB (Recommended: 32 GB DDR4)
  • Hard Drive: 7200 RPM internal drive (Recommended: Solid State Drive (SSD))
    If external, use USB 3.0 or eSATA

Do you have a mobile device that you can use?  These devices  are supported and will allow you to stitch your media (it's not going to be as good as with Fusion Studio, but you can share from your device and even download the stitched media to your computer for editing).


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Re: Terrible loss of quality in Fusion Studio 1.3

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for the feedback. It was more or less what I expected.

I'll look into the technical requirements and probably will test (and buy) a new dedicated laptop.

Hopefully this thread can be closed then.

Kind regards,

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Re: Terrible loss of quality in Fusion Studio 1.3

If you can, get an i7-9700 or i7-8700. You can probably save money by getting the i7-8700, and it is a very good processor.

Do not get less than 16 GB DDR4 RAM. As always, the more the better, but 16GB will work fine.

For your GPU, get a decent card.
I recently upgraded from a NVIDIA GTX 1050 ti to a RTX 2060. If I could have afforded it I would have gone with a RTX 2070 or even the RTX 2080. I've read reports that the higher end GTX cards (1060, 1070) don't improve Fusion Studio performance. However, if you are looking for a new system, I highly recommend getting a RTX card as I've seen significant improvement and my render time is almost half of what it was.

Also, and this is very important, get a SSD drive. Do not get a Hard drive. If you need to save money you can get a 512 GB SSD and a 1T hard drive, but when it comes time for rendering 360 video, you need the media on the SSD and exporting to the SSD.

Best of luck!