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Terrible High-ISO Noise Reduction

So I have recently purchased a Hero7 Black and the video quality at any iso above 200 is shocking. Of course I don't expect miracles with these tiny sensors, but this software/firmware level image degradation is insanity. Bright areas are fine, but anything in the shadows is blurred into oblivion, clearly in a failed attempt to hide the noise levels expected from a tiny sensor.


Look at the comparison I found below. The image on the right is exactly how the Hero7 Black performs - total blurring of detail making it completely useless and unable to be fixed with great software like Neat Video, which would work wonders on the footage shown in the left image. The footage on the left from the older camera is noisy of course, but doesn't obliterate the detail as the Hero 6 and Hero 7 do. Is there any way to disable this horrendous software noise reduction? if not, I'll have to return this camera for a refund :(


Look in particular at the areas circled in each side of the frame. Obviously ISO6400 is not the norm for this camera, but severe grain is far more desirable and useful than a splotchy, muddy, blurred mess with a visual resolution of about 240p!

screenshot circled.jpg
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Re: Terrible High-ISO Noise Reduction

@davek5408, thank you for the feedback. I believe that this is something that has already been shared to our team. The blurring could be somehow related to the HERO7 Black camera's EIS limitations as best explained in the links I attached on the other post you commented on.

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Re: Terrible High-ISO Noise Reduction

Thanks, I appreciate the response, but this is image processing (visual noise reduction) and not jitter or motion blur. If you can introduce options for different levels of noise reduction (off, low, medium, high) like you do for sharpness, that would be the perfect solution.
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Re: Terrible High-ISO Noise Reduction

I think that what is being suggested is making sure that EIS is turned OFF. GoPro introduced a softening effect to the EIS in low light to help eliminate the warping effect. Try making sure EIS is off and test if the High ISO continues to give you a softer image. I haven't tested this myself, so I'm interested to hear your findings.