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Temperaturen Gopro Hero7 Black

Bis zu welcher Temperatur kann die Gopro ohne Probleme mit den Temperaturen umgehen.

Geplant ist eine Aufnahme bei einer Feuerwehr übung im Raum und da können auch hohe Temperaturen erreicht werden.


MFG Robert

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Re: Temperaturen Gopro Hero7 Black

It's pretty subjective, but the manual states, " Avoid exposing your camera to very cold or very hot temperatures. Low or high temperature conditions may temporarily shorten the battery life or cause the camera to temporarily stop working properly. "

It further states, "When capturing video at high resolutions or high frame rates in warm
ambient temperatures, the camera may become warm and use more
In addition, lack of airflow around the camera and using the camera
with the GoPro app further increase camera temperature and power
consumption, and decrease camera recording time.
If the camera gets too hot, a message appears on the screen indicating
that the camera is shutting down."

Per the warranty, "Batteries give their best performance when they are operated at normal room
temperature 68°F (20°C) ± 9°F (5°C)."

Pictures should be fine. It's usually just with video that you can have issues.

Along with not using high resolutions/frame rates (2.7K/60fps is generally safe, but 1080p/30fps is best), you should try to have good airflow, keep unneeded features off (GPS, Voice activation, Connections, ...), have the rear LCD display dim and set to turn off after 1min, use stabilization only if needed (not if the camera is mounted on a tripod for example), turn Protune off, turn auto Low light off, and set the orientation to UP (or down if the camera is upside down). Of course, use a good SD card. Some members have run test for heat with different SD cards and the Samsung Evo Select tends to run the coolest.