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TIME LAPSE mode initiating by itself

Several times now, my new Hero 7 Black has initiated a Time Lapse sequence (photo version) all by itself after I've shot 4K or 2.7K video sequences. I am up to date with the latest firmware.


So I am getting random battery-draining sequences I don't need or want.





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Re: TIME LAPSE mode initiating by itself

Hi @loyalcave73287,


I just want to know if you are using the quick capture function or you just press the shutter button to shoot or turn on the camera. 


Please try to turn on the camera using the mode button and make sure that you are on the right mode. 


If you are on the right mode and the camera is still doing that please try this.


Reset the camera . 

Reformat the SD card. 

Try to install new firmware update manually by following the manual update step on this website.




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Re: TIME LAPSE mode initiating by itself

If QuickCapture is enabled, the camera will enter into time lapse mode if there is a long press on the top shutter button. Turn off Quick Capture from the camera menu and see if you are still experiencing the same issue.