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Syncing Segmented Clips with Separate Audio Recording

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I've searched through the postings a few times and found similar issues, but nothing that specifically addresses this. I apologize if I've missed it - feel free to link me to the related post if that's the case.


I use a GoPro, a Zoom H4n audio recorder, and sometimes additional cameras to record live music events. Sets generally last for an hour and a half so I end up with many segmented GP video files that I need to stich back together. That's all well and good. The issue I've always had is with syncing the GP clips with the audio and the other cameras. The segments seem to add a frame or two here and there (with no audio) to each segment at random. 


Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 5.24.04 PM.png


This means that I'm unable to automatically stitch the segments together and then use Premier to automatically synch the footage - it won't ever find a sync point between the 1hr+ audio file and the 1hr+ stitched video file. I've tried stitching using GP software, Premiere, and Media Encoder with no luck. My workaround has been to bring only the first segment into my Premiere project, sync it with the full audio from the H4n, and then manually pull in the second segment, delete the additional frame(s), then repeat for the remaining segments. Even then, I have to go back and adjust how many frames I manually delete because the syncing will still be a little off.


I'm using a SanDisk Extreme 64GB shooting at 1080, 60fps most of the time but I've had the same issue at many other settings.


I'd appreciate any advice as this is super time-consuming and causing me to lean more heavily on my Zoom Q2N which is a little more of a pain at the event but saves me so much time in editing.