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Swipe down doesn't work


When I have my Gopro hero 5 black on I cant get to the menu on the camera. 
when I tap the screen it says "Swipe down to lock" and swiping down only lock it.
Locked it says tap to unlock. 

so there is no way to get to the meny since swipe down locks it and then tap unlocks it. 
Moment 22....

I cant connect it to my phone cause I don't have the password. 
On my other black everything works great and the camera set the password so connection works fine (and swiping won to get to the menu). 

Please help! 

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Re: Swipe down doesn't work

Hi @hardyoasis10371,

Thanks for reaching out. If your screen is currently locked, swipe the screen down from the top and then tap the screen again to unlock it. Once it is unlocked, swipe down from the main screen, then tap the LOCK icon at the top-left to unlock it.


To see your HERO5 Black camera's pasword, Swipe down, then tap Connect > Name & Password.

Hopefully this helps.

Kind Regards,


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Re: Swipe down doesn't work

My hero 5 is doing the same thing as the person above. Following your solution just repeats the cycle. After I unlock the screen, swiping down only offers the option to lock it again. Tapping the lock icon just makes the Lock and "swipe down" go back up. Touching the screen anywhere makes the Lock and "swipe down" spray again. My camera want doing this a little while ago. Not sure what I did to cause this to appear but I cannot access any other menus.
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Re: Swipe down doesn't work

Hello @divinbriand. Try this while the screen is locked: 

  1. Swipe down on the screen. 
  2. Tap to Unlock. Camera screen should indicate: Screen Unlocked. 
  3. Swipe down on the screen again. 
  4. Tap the lock icon. The top most part of the screen will indicate: Screen Lock: Off. 

Let is know how it works out. Thanks!