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Suggestions for getting Sale Support for an order - Having no luck

I purchased GoPro Care for my Hero 5 Black a week ago.  I called after 3 days to see when I would get my authentication code. I assumed that it would be emailed to me.  First rep (I could barely understand the horrible broken English) I think told me it was waiting for billing to process (even though my credit card had been processed.)  Second rep when I confirmed CC had been processed told me I would be emailed an activation code within 3 days of purchase.  Nothing.  Then I read on here that the code is mailed via FedEx.  When I login to GoPro and check my order status, the order says shipped via FedEx, but there is no tracking (note says to contact support for tracking info).  So I try to use chat and get message that no reps are available.  Try phone and am on hold for close to an hour talk to someone about a purchase for the item I purchased a week ago. It doesn't appear I can get email support.  So basically, I'm having to jump through hoops just to get what I paid for.  Reading posts on here, it looks like I'm not alone.  I was lookging to purchase additional products, but I'm thinking if Sale support is this horrendous, Technical support is going to be worse.  Typically a company does everything it can to make the sale and slips after the sale.  But if I can't even get GoPro to confirm when I'm going to get my order, I'm guessing it's all downhill from there.


Does anyone have any tips for getting someone to tell when if/when my order will ship?  


Also, is the premium support included with GoPro Care any better than this horrible service, or is it the same thingjust a different number?


I realize that I haven't posted here, but I have owned the Hero2, Hero 3+, Hero 4 Black, Hero 5 Black, and Hero 5 Session and Karma Grip.  I've just never had to get support.  Now I'm glad I never needed support.


Thanks for any info anyone can provide.