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Suggestion for low light stabilization

I recently contacted support because the frame rate on my Hero 7 Black was suffering in low light conditions using 4K60, PT on, Hypersmooth on. This is because the Hero 7 Black doesn't have enough processing resource to analyze and process scenes in low light when all the settings are maxed out.


Can I make a suggestion? Turn stabilization off when certain parameters cross a threshold. I.e. when the ISO and shutter speed are up high on certain resolutions, disable stabilization. I'd rather maintain framerate and lose stabilization than try and keep both and end up with unusable footage...

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Re: Suggestion for low light stabilization

On the latest update the stabilization does reduce in low light (up to turning itself off).

Of course, you can always turn stabilization off manually. In low light, 4K (4:3)/24fps works very good and uses standard stabilization. 1080p/120fps also uses standard stabilization. Another option is to set the shutter to 1/240 or faster and use ISO MIN & MAX at 800.

Also, check out this article

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Re: Suggestion for low light stabilization

Watching the video it looks like your shutter is dropping to a low value which is creating a considerable amount of motion blur. Do you have Auto Low light turned on? If yes, turn this off. Auto low light reduces the frame rate and allows for a slower shutter. This in effect creates more motion blur.

You want to do do one or more of the following
Turn Auto Low light off
Set the EV to -0.5 or -1
Set the shutter to 1/120 or 1/240
Use Selective Exposure Balance (see manual). You want to lock on a bright scene in this use case to keep the shutter fast (The sky is getting blown out in your video because the shutter gets too slow).
Lock the MIN and MAX ISO at 800 (if this is too noisy use 400, but this might be too dark).
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Re: Suggestion for low light stabilization

I'm running firmware v01.70.


I agree that part of the problem is motion blur from slow shutter speed. Max ISO is already 1600 so I don't quite understand why the camera isn't automatically favouring a higher ISO in low light to maintain a reasonable shutter speed? 


I can see that forcing a shutter speed and ISO combination would work in terms of maintaining 60FPS but then it's probably going to be subject to over/underexposure depending on the scene.


I understand that a lower frame rate allows for a longer shutter speed but that kind of defeats the point of having a Hero 7 Black. I don't really want to be setting the camera up for different exposure levels every time I transition from shade to sunlight.


I will try turning Auto Low Light off if it's on and see if I can hit a happy medium with the other settings next time I'm out. It's a bit dissapointing that the camera can't look after these parameters automatically though.