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Re: Streaming (RTMP)

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I realize this is a bit old now but you have something misconfigured, I did the exact same thing and it works great.  Based on where you say it is failing at the gopro connecting to the server, if the address is wrong it will seem like it is starting and fail after a few seconds.  I set up an AWS EC2 instance of ubuntu running NGINX and RTMP module.  Using the gopro app on my phone I set up the the Live connection using RTMP, put in my address rtmp://ip/application_name  make sure the application name matches exactly and if you are doing a copy/paste it isn't putting a space at the end or something similiar.


Then in OBS add a Media Source to the source section.  Uncheck local file and in the input line enter your RTMP server address and application name.  Also you are still going to have a few second delay.