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Strange audio generated when taking video

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I used 3rd party Gimbal with GP5 to take my videos and used for more than years, so far it's fine general

However, recently I found that some strange sound was being generated with taking a video (See attached video, starting from 0"3 - 0" 16 seconds)

If I keep moving my gimbal's to different location (view) , the sound was gone for a while but it will be back afterwards.  (from (0"17 - 0"26 seconds)
If I take the videos without any gimbal (use my han only) such sound no longer found.
Does anyone having the similar issues and how we can overcome that?
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Re: Strange audio generated when taking video

Hi @samsong2017


You may want to check with the gimbal's manufacturer as well since it is a 3rd party device and you have isolated that the camera works fine on its own.




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Re: Strange audio generated when taking video

Thanks all!!

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Re: Strange audio generated when taking video

GoPro raised the crap out the of the Db and that is hte issue We all have. the Hero 6 they lowered just a tad, and then  the hero 7 they found the  membrain material used was to think they lessened it and finally got it near perfect. so hero 5 is not just your gimbal its the actual camera. itself    Db to high .