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Re: Stitching Fusion RAW image files - HOW?

I think they provided a good solution (I only don´t agree with the affort to make a separate folder with all the files and diferent file names). Even in Photoshop you do not work with RAW files, but you convert them with camera RAW. And now it is possibel to make all ajustments in camera RAW and then get very high quality jpegs. I do not need more. By the way, the quality of the RAW images is very good, higher than may expectation. They have a very wide range. Some problems in highlights can be fixed making lower exposures. 

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Re: Stitching Fusion RAW image files - HOW?

1 import in Adobe Lightroom, make corrections 2 by 2   ( front and back: sync changes)

2 export all corrected files in 100%, to the same map. and ....Smiley Wink !!!

3  ... add  !!! Man Frustrated  add _GPR before the dot JPG ( GBACK-0001_GPR.jpg)   In LR this is an export option: filename + edit   ( _GPR)

4   import  these  exports in fusion studio... ( in batch too)

for extra correction lateron, go back to lichtroom and make a new export to keep the gopro VR settings



you even can change the ALL the names BEFORE importing in LR in the same GPR / JPG map: 
like   20180520_ZOO-with-grandma_GBACK0001.jpg   
so also the GFRNT0001 and GPR0001 files and may be others with the samen basic name0001. (in Adobe Bridge) 
Do this in a copy of the map.   So save the originals someware. 


All done on fast PC,

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Re: Stitching Fusion RAW image files - HOW?

I feel very surprised that I only had GPR files but no JPG files.


So I try to stich images on Autopano Giga, and everything GREAT.


Iove my Gopro Fusion and this function of GPR is Awesome

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Re: Stitching Fusion RAW image files - HOW?


Hi @odronlarraga,

That's weird. 
Normally it should have JPEG beside the RAW.  

Thanks for raising that. 


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Re: Stitching Fusion RAW image files - HOW?

Thats weird, i Just import my Data to my computer using GoPro studio from the front and rear SD and then I have to format my SD because my Fusion where Full.