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Standard Mic vs Standard Mic+ Differences?

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Using a Hero 7 Black with a Rode VideoMicro.


I'm aware Standard Mic+ has a 20dB boost over Standard Mic, my question is how is the 20dB applied? Is it literally extra power to the mic so it captures more and if so, does it introduce more compression/less dynamics to the sound I'm capturing?


Or is the 20dB boost done digitally "in post" in the camera?


I'm using a Rode VideoMicro and not sure which setting is recommended and which one is better.


I would like to capture as much dynamics and clarity as possible.


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Re: Standard Mic vs Standard Mic+ Differences?

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Does anyone know if recording in Standard Mic will allow for more dynamics, less compression and a better sound, given that the mic has enough gain to capture the sound, i.e. from a loud source such as a car exhaust?