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Stabilizing Fusion Footage in Adobe After Effects

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I'm trying to apply After Effects Motion Tracking and Motion Stabilization to Fusion overcapture footage.


I've installed the overcapture plugins in After Effects, which I downloaded here:


I can use these plugins to choose my overcapture framing. But when I then try to apply tracking in AE, it creates a separate layer that treats the footage as regular HD. The motion tracking process then stabilizes the footage around a chosen point by introducing black bands at the edges of the frame - which results in unnecessary degradation as everything needed to fill out the edges of the picture is already there in the original 360 VR. 


Is there any way to let AE motion tracking access the full 360 image so that it can use that to fill the edges? Is there a simpler way of doing this? Am I totally missing something very obvious? It really should be more straightforward as Fusion and Overcapture, one would think, should be ideal for fixed point motion tracking.


To clarify my aim in all this, I'm trying to create hyperlapses which keep a single point fixed and stable in a particular spot, for example a monument in the centre of the shot. Yes, the footage is already stabilized using the in-camera gyros and then more or less kept in the right spot by my choice of overcapture framing BUT this does not keep a fixed point rock-solid in the frame without further stabilization in post.


Your help and advice would be enormously appreciated!


Many thanks - John.