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Stabilization disabled with battery too cold - Camera plugged into wall, no battery inplace

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I just ran into an interesting bug, i was using my camera as a webcam via the media mod HDMI out and being USB-C plugged in directly to the wall outlet for power.


I had found that the battery, when installed, caused the camera to overheat after long periods of time, requiring cool down.


In reaction, i removed the battery, and everything kept on working fairly well. However, i just had my gopro switch out of the mode i had preset Linear + Horizon leveling, giving the error: "Stablization Disabled, battery too cold"


I ended up rebooting the camera, and got it to return back to normal, but i am trying to understand,


Is lens stabilization tied to battery temperature, or temperature of the gopro, and this message is a general cold error.


I was lucky in this case to not be speaking, or the center of attention, however i've found that using the media mod, or webcam, the gopro does some weird activities, like automatically changing modes and things like that.


The Camera can detect that no battery is installed, so i am surprised to see an error indicating the battery temperature. 

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Re: Stabilization disabled with battery too cold - Camera plugged into wall, no battery inplace

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This will be addressed in the next firmware update:


However temp does affect battery performance and if the temp is too low, your battery cannot give sufficient output to use features like stabilization.


In the case of your camera disabling stabilization with no battery inserted, this is a firmware issue which is hopefully addressed in the above forthcoming update.