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Specs/Details for Rendering Raw Fusion Footage

  • So I've had my Fusion for about a week and I finally got to get out and start filming. Now my problem is that I have absolutely no experience with 3D footage of any kind and I'm not really sure how to proceed regarding a few different points. I do know that it the Fusion Studio essentially takes the footage from the two cameras and splices them together, and that this can take an absurd amount of time to render. My question is
  • 1) How long can I expect to have to wait for, say, a 2 minute video to render given that I'm using a Microsoft Surface Book? And given that, about how much an I expect the wait times to increase the longer the videos get?
  • 2) After my video is selected and places in the "Render Que", assuming that I took the footage in 5.2K, what additional parameters should I put on the footage?
    • Stabilizer (Beta)
      • Yes or No
    • Video Codes
      • H.264
      • CineForm '422 High'
      • ProRes 422
    • Video Resolution
      • 5.2K (I'm Assuming this is right)
    • Spatial Audio
      • D.Warp (Parallax Compensation)
  • 3) Any other advice that I may be missing, other than following these steps, to maximize viewing footage so that I can view it? Is there anything complicated with using the GoPro VR Player, or should I be able to simply drag and drop the rendered footage and check it out on both my phone and laptop?
  • I know this is a lot, but I'm new to the 360 video game and every video on youtube is just review of the footage itself, not the process of putting it together. Thanks!