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Special Thanks to All the Support Members

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize a few of the members of this community that go out of their way to try and help and support new members.  Sometimes there is little more that we can do than recommend using an appropriate SD card, manual updates and referral to the GoPro Support Team; but, there are also those times when we get to assist people in getting the best shot or just understanding settings and features of the cameras.  Sometimes the answer may seem obvious to those veterans of GoPro cameras, so it is really appreciated when you take the time to approach it from a "newbies" perspective.  Some, like @fishycomics make videos, others like @robert1326 take snap shots and screen grabs and give detailed step through.  @stanleym7236 is always there to give encouragement and assistance.  @duanem8 has provided fun and informative insight and new ways to experience the cameras.  @enc3ladus has brought insight and interesting topics to discuss and potential updates GoPro might want to implement. Even @drdimento made a re-appearance with helpful tips and words of encouragement.


To see a list of all the contributors over the past year, you can go here.


None of us get paid or receive compensation for our time and efforts, but I think it is safe to say that we are rewarded when we know we have been able to help someone to get the most from their camera.


And of course, thank you to the GoPro moderators who always maintain a helpful and positive attitude!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope it's a great one for all.

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Re: Special Thanks to All the Support Members

Thank you @danielr15 and i wish you all the best as well. You are really good guide and wise member of this community. Of course the same wishes are going to all of you guys. 


Helping with some technical problem is in my veins because I work as Senior Specialist of Integrated IT Systems plus video/photo is my hobby. We can even say I am a some kind of technology geek ;)



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Re: Special Thanks to All the Support Members

@danielr15 Thank You and A Special "Happy New Year" to You and Yours my friend.  It's an honor to know you and I hope I can life up to your example here and help others learn and get the best out of their GoPro Hero's.  I know, I'm totally loving the ProTune adjustments that help get my GoPro Hero 7 more like the image on the Canon cameras in video mode. :-)