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Spec Mode?

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Tonight I was working on viewing footage i just took in the gopro app, it was loading, so i figured i could go to another app, the connectivity failed and when i went back gopro said try again.


I was able to view some footage after reentering, but it thenwould not load, i tried to update firmware and that froze after telling me to check the second SD card (why? I haven't touched them since inserting???)


I can't seem to power off the device. holding for 2 seconds does not work, holding for longer restarts camera, and if i go into wifi setting it says I am in SPEC mode, can't access while in spec mode. This is really annoying that there is no literature from GOPRO themselves involving all these issues, surely some of this had to have come up in Beta testing. I really hope future firmware updates will be addressing these early issues. This is the first time I've bought into somehting like this so early, and getting frustrated!


I finally just opened the battery compartment and pulled out the battery. It's off now, and I'm frustrated, because i hoped to post my first video tonight.

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Re: Spec Mode?

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@Anonymous - When you switched to another app, it's possible that the wifi connection between the Fusion and the app was lost if the connection reverted back to your normal wifi network to get to the other app.


Even so, the source files on the Fusion itself should still be complete. You should still be able to import them into your computer.


We'll flag your other issues to the Fusion team though and see if it's something that they can identify a cause for and add it as a possible future fix.




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Re: Spec Mode?

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It seems I have an related issue, please see ** NOT IN SPEC ** CAMERA NOT READY error message.