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Sound check!!!!

Ok Lady’s & Gents. I have a GoPro hero7 I managed to get ahold of the pro mic adapter, and I had been recommended the purple panda mic by many people. So I did my first test runs yesterday and I am getting a weird static/popping noise. Has anyone had this issue or know what may be the problem. Any and all feedback is appreciated! Thank you so much!!!
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Re: Sound check!!!!

Check if you are  having a clean connection,

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Re: Sound check!!!!

I did it is all fully connected. I know my audio intput is set to standard plus could that be my issue?

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Re: Sound check!!!!

@travism2873, some audio noise (e.g helicopter noise, popping, clicking sound, etc.) in the video when using an external mic adapter (and microphone) can be caused by electronic signals or Wi-Fi interference.


In order to further isolate the issue, I do have a couple of things to check with you:

  • Ensure that your HERO7 Black camera's firmware is up-to-date.
  • Make sure a recommended SD card is used in the camera.
  • Record a sample footage outside/away from large/high-powered networking devices (e.g., routers, modems, smart TVs, etc.).
  • Have you observed whether the audio is impacted when you use the camera alone?
  • Does it matter which resolution the camera is set while recording, and how long the recording goes?


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