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Re: Some issues with the new Black

Copy the folder
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Re: Some issues with the new Black

Yeah, the text is not correct on that part. I was copying the files inside the update folder as well, it's not working. You have to copy the UPDATE folder itself. 

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Re: Some issues with the new Black

Hi @danielr15...

The manual update and card formatting did help in improving the battery slightly.

The camera was heating up while video recording before the manual update.

Now it is considerably cooler while operating.

The battery performance seems to have improved slightly.

But just a small one time hiccup i felt after the manual update is that when i reset the camera to factory settings, the camera screen froze at option of initial language selection. I had to pull our battery again to fix it and continue with the camera initial startup settings.




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Re: Some issues with the new Black

I don't think this firmware update would so greatly affect (if even at all) the camera's heat factors.  


Those are a function of things like camera physical factors (unchanged by firmware) and data amounts to be processed at high speeds (4AK is still 4k, file sizes are still what they are..).    


More likely the ambient weather conditions or actual usage changed a bit. 

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Re: Some issues with the new Black


I just received my unit, and not really good impression.


#1: For one, I didn't get the memory card that was supposed to come with every camera. Unless it's hiding in some strange fold in the package. Can someone confirm how the supplied memory card was placed in the packaging?


#2: Then it froze during the initial setup, had to remove battery.


#3: Updating the FW through phone seemed to work (it said all ok), but seemed it didn't. After removing battery it looked like the update was successful.


#4: It keeps disconneting from my phone a lot, and many times need to reboot camera and the connection multiple times to re-connect. Often it says password incorrect although I'm sure it was correct.


#5: the live streaming by the app only works on your personal page, not on the pages you manage (which I wanted to do)


#6: the RTMP streaming option (which would go to the page I want) only has input for URL but not the stream key. How the f you're supposed to set the streaming without the streaming key?? (see attached)




From those, #4, #5 and #6 are big pain points. #4 needs to work for sure, otherwise it's just expensive paper weight. Then #5 would be nice but at least make #6 work.


At this level that's such bs that I ordered the first day. And yes, where's the memory card they promised?


-Not so happy customer at the moment.

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Re: Some issues with the new Black

The firmware update isn't resolving the heat issues indeed, but maybe the frozen screens and sd card errors can be fixed. I've spoken to the customer service again yesterday. I have to say, this service from GoPro is excellent. They really try to figure out what's going on and take their time. Unfortunately there was no fix for my GoPro, since I've used the recommended card as well, and have the same problems (freezes, sd card errors). They told me to contact the reseller and ask for a replacement. So, that's what I'll do, I'll return the Hero 7 and get a new one. 


About the SD cards, there is something strange about the recommended list. If you look at the 2 cards at the top ( This seems to be an older card of Sandisk? Because if I look at the Sandisk site itself in the 64gb cards, there are only the new A2 cards available (of the Sandisk Extreme type). Seems like GoPro offers the older cards only, and put these older cards on the recommended list? So the A2 card I'm using, should also work, just like the older not-A2 one. 

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Re: Some issues with the new Black

I spent plenty time on chat trying to figure out the RTMP stream. Not sure if he didn't undestand me or I didn't him but we couldn't make it work. He was super nice and helpful, and spent long time trying to figure out but some reason none of his replies really helped.


Then I did quick youtube search and there was the answer. On the RTMP URL field, you copy&paste both the URL and stream-key. They really should add that part on the official instructions page. Currently it only says to use URL, and nothing about the stream key.


Did quick try and yes it streams to the page I wanted, so one success there. I wish the supplied FB client could automatically be able to select also pages I manage, not just my private profile. But this works too, just more work and I need laptop or something to help release the stream after it starts.

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Re: Some issues with the new Black

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that I've received my new Hero 7 today after sending it back to the reseller. It seems like the freezing / sd card error are solved now. 1 Time I still had the issue with the Actioncam not starting. After pulling out the battery and put it back in, the camera works again. Seems like the other problems are solved now.


I'm still using my own SD card, the Sandisk Extreme V30 A2 64GB card, and this one seems to work. I'm not able to check the camera again in the cold (in the indoor ski), but I'm still afraid of taking it too the slopes on the skitrip. I think the GoPro will have issues over there as well. Maybe I should buy a super suit for it, but 50 euro for keeping the GoPro warm seems idiot. Somebody tried cold weather already?