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Some bug on 4k GoPro

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HI everyone,


Recently i have purchased and recevied my GoPro Hero 7 Black. I very sastisfy it change at my GoPro Session 4.

I could test it, change setting, try new options, recording ...

I noticed when im recording at 4K 60fps, and go to pc to watch my videos, when i watched it, on VLC, i saw some bug.

Video slows down at certain times (llight but very light jerk). It that normal ?. So I thought about several reasons for this problem :


- My PC configuration

Windows 10 x64 / GTX 1070 TI / Intel Core I7 6700 / 16 gb ram 2400mhz / HP 24er and HP w2228h.


- VLC configuration

Last uptade and i change decoding material to video acceleration Direct3D 11. Note : that when I go back to the time of the bug, and I play it several times, it disappears. And when I close VLC  and replay the video, I know when the bug happens. 


- Hypersmooth

I compare same resolution, same framerate, same place with same light (outside garden), soft and choppy shot.  The only setting change is hypersmooth. It was for me the only possible cause, I know this technology has its limits (better in Hero 8 Black). Same type of jolt. 


- Windows 10 problems

I wanted to make edit on editing software, but I couldn't do it. Until I found the solution on the net,  so i install a free HEVC codec on the windows store. Once I edited my video, I converted it to 1920x1080 60 fps, same problem. 


- Region (PAL/NTSC) and video codecs

On this point I am not sure of anything, since I did not test and I think that the region does not pose any problems, it remains then the codec.


  • I still have to make a last test, it's to play directly the 4k videos on a TV screen by the micro HDMI.That's what'll tell me if it's a camera glitch.


So here it is, I would like to understand the origin of this problem of very slight jerking and if you also encounter this.

I don't know if it's a defect, or if I'm using the 4k for wrong use. But I think it's a shame, to have such a beautiful quality and not to be able to watch it in good conditions.


Thank to your times ! Smiley Happy