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Solutions for reducing gimbal noise on Gopro5 Session

There's quite a few topics out there on this but most of them are focused on the main standard series rather than the Sessions and I can't seem to find the recommended options in the settings to improve the audio.  I found a recommendation to set the Protune Audio to off and the Audio setting to windy but I can't find a setting like that on my Session, I've also seen a recommendation for a setting which causes the camera to record a separate wav file for each microphone but I can't find that either.


Are there any other solutions that don't involve using an external microphone?

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Re: Solutions for reducing gimbal noise on Gopro5 Session

correct the Hero 5 session only records stero  and wind noise   siwtches automatically from front to back mics on its own the hero 5 you have the option to set to  manual sterio, manual wind, and both protune wav   audio files to separatly edit in a  eidtor/


Since the  sessions  mics a re on the front and rear the  gimbal wil lnot be an issue on the hero 5 it will be more an issue as the mic lies on the motor, the fix is to  place the camera upside down.

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Re: Solutions for reducing gimbal noise on Gopro5 Session

That's an interesting idea to mount the Session upside down, I'll give it a go.