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Snowmobiling in cold with hero 7 black

I snowmobile with my hero 7 black and the battery life is terrible.  I have the gopro mounted to my helmet, and use a supersuit.  Many times the battery only lasts 10 seconds.  I even tried to rubber band some hand warmers to the bottom of the super suit close to the battery which helped some.  Does anyone make a better case, or a heated case?  I do not want to put the camera in a pocket as I want to turn the camera on an off constantly as I'm riding as I come up on something cool.  Definitely do not have time to pull the camera out while I'm riding.  Any other options out there to keep the camera warm.  My Heor 3+ worked much better than this in cold weather.

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Re: Snowmobiling in cold with hero 7 black

Hi @swiftmesa7351


Please go over the information on this article.

Make sure to have the latest software version installed.





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Re: Snowmobiling in cold with hero 7 black

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So I’m doing most of the things mentioned in this article except for putting it in my pocket. That’s not practical to be digging in your pocket while trying to steer a snowmobile. Seems fairly unsafe. . My question was does anyone make a better case or a heated case. I bought this camera for the image stabilization and now the article says it may not work in my conditions. That would have been nice to know prior to buying it. Why is it that the hero 5 and hero 6 that we use work better in the exact same conditions? My older hero 3+ never had a problem and would last for hours. I’m willing to spend more for a heated case as the super suit is still not cutting it. Does someone make a heated case?