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Side door with port for accessing USB-C Port

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Previous GoPro had an accessory door that had a hole in it for the USB-C Cable to feed through it with the door closed; the point was to provide external power to the camera. The Max does not. I understand the IDEA why, because of the worry of stiching being interfered with by the USB cable.


I have a 90' tip USB-C cable, so the cable makes a clean bend immediately after plugging into the cameras port. I zip tied the rest of the cable to the mounting arm. This is to provide constant power to the GoPro when recording (this is used on an offroad vehicle). I have verified/confirmed that in this setup it does NOT show up in the footage, so there is no reason to not make this.


I have modified a stock door with a mill to make an opening to verify this works. The problem is the latch mechanism in the door is damaged by creating the hole. So I have, for now, covered the side with electrical tape instead which is sloppy and unclean. I have demonstrated proof of concept that this works, just need a "proper" door made instead of my jury rigged setup.

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Re: Side door with port for accessing USB-C Port

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Thank you for sharing, @exr90. We will pass this along to the team as a suggestion.