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Side door broke off

I am going to Hawaii on a Wednesday. I have had my GoPro hero 6 for 2 years, and it has been amazing! I’ve taken it on many adventures. I took it surfing the other day, and afterwards when I was charging it, the side door popped off. I cannot seem to get it back on. Obviously it needs this piece to stay waterproof. What do I do?
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Re: Side door broke off

Did the side door actually break or did it just pop off (it's designed to be removable).  I would suggest you go on Youtube and look up some video's on how to re-attach the side door.  This will also let you know whether it did pop off or if it's actually broken.

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Re: Side door broke off

Hello @graybluff1028. As @irishmanpdx stated, see if the door is really broken. This video will help you determine whether the door is broken or simply detached. Hope this helps!