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Shutter button not working ... Nothing works

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So here is the biggest joke ... I am not sure why Go Pro comes out with so many new versions when they cannot make a version work and Customer Service cannot be bothered to help you but always offer you yet another discount to upgrade ... why would I spend more money when my present of 2.5 years ago, the Hero 4 Silver which was used only once or twice ... and did not work any of those times properly .. refused to work yet again ... so I did this ... buy the SD card Customer Service says will work ... updated the camera manually till the camera itself says 100% updated to v5 of the software ... then, it won't power up unless I first connect it to my laptop charger and switched it on ... the shutter button won't work which means that I cannot change any setting except using the smartphone app.   But otherwise the camera works fine provided that I control it via bluetooth on smartphone. 


Now why would I want to use two set of batteries for one set of photos / video?  My Samsung works really well as a Camera and does heaps of other functions beside.  It used to be that GoPro was the hype.  Right now, their Customer Service sucks big time ... change the SD card ... make a video to show us that auto capture is not on (do they think I am an idiot if I can tell them what is wrong with the darn camera and figure out solutions around it ... btw, this using the smartphone app to get around the problem ... the Customer Service did not tell me.  I figured that out.


So two years, $500+ later, a camera that used only once or twice and stops functioning ... can only be switched on in perculiar way and then worked in perculiar way defeats the purpose.  I have other cheap camera that work underwater better than this so called infamous GoPro.  Would I buy another GoPro in my life ... Hell, NO ... and I would say to all my friends and relatives everywhere ... if you bought one recently for Christmas, return it unopened because there is no other way to get your refund .. and do it now .. there is no camera that takes more time fixing ... I also shoot with Professional Digital SLRs and film SLRs and all kind of other cameras ... and never in in my life have i encounted worse tool or worst Customer Service ... before they even try to solve your problem, they are already offering you 20% coupon or $100 off provided you buy a specific model of their junk from their website ... they are we are financial idiots ... who in the world throws good money after bad ones?????  LESSON LEARNT : Do NOT BUY a GoPro.  It is literally a pile of excrement (Sh*t)!!...  

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Re: Shutter button not working ... Nothing works

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Sorry that you've had such a bad experience with your 5 year old camera, it must be very frustrating for you.


I myself have owned several GoPro's.


A GoPro Hero 2:  Had an overheating issue at one stage that was actually related to using a non rated SD card.  Replaced the card and the camera worked just fine.


3 x GoPro Hero 4 Black:  1 was bought brand new and I still use that today (just did a night lapse with it last night that I'm currently rendering).  2 x were bought 2nd hand via ebay.  1 went belly up and was used for a tradein deal,  the other 1 is also still in full use and is used mainly as a wing mounted camera on a plane.


2 x GoPro Hero 6.  Great camera's, great reliability and really happy with those.  They were the first models I bought that offered EIS and that is pretty wonderful.


2 x GoPro Fusions.  Love shooting in 360 and those are very useful fun camera's.  I do realize there's a trade off in quality vs shooting 360, but it's well worth it in my opinion.


2 x GoPro Hero 8 Blacks.  Fantastic image quality, fantastic image stabilization and I love the new shooting modes (timewarp).  


All in all that's a lot of camera's and yes, I've had to contact customer support with issues over the years, the forementioned SD card error, getting a serial number after my sticker had worn down, tracking an order.  I have to say every time I contacted GoPro they were quick to respond and very helpful.


It sounds like you have had a very frustrating experience with your camera and this is obviously very frustrating for you.  It's a pity you couldn't work with customer service to find a solution to the issues with your 5 year old camera.  You're obviously very passionate about this issue and sometimes that can cause difficulties in coming to a reasonable mutual solution to issues, or even getting your point across without resorting to ranting raving and swearing.  


Good luck and hopefully your Samsung works really well as an alternative action camera.

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Re: Shutter button not working ... Nothing works

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Hi there


Sounds you are a Pro Plus subscriber ... hence the ability to access Customer Service of a different nature ... GoPro is going the way of Apple ... down the chute unless you pay .... oh, and may be the number of GoPros you have helped ... the rest of us with just one or two GoPros have no chance at all ... they want us to buy as many as you before they would lift a finger 


Work with Customer Service ... what a joke ... I tried cannot call them direct, so you have to go to website to send them a message to call you ... which they did to offer me a coupon and told me to get a new SD card after 5 minute of conversation ..I did go and buy a new SD Card ... told them to call me back in 2 hours, which they did not ... went back to the website to get them to call me again and  ...and another 2 minute of conversation says that there is nothing they can do other than offer me a coupon to buy a new Go Pro?  The camera is out of warranty (not proud of their products are they?)  the warranty is 12 months.  It is a firmware issue ... had it been in warranty ... so here is a coupon for a new purchase ...  Where does that conversation even start?


By the way, with that many GoPros ... are you sponsored by GoPro  ... or someoneone that works for GoPro?  I am, but a mere ex fan ... I had a Go Pro 3.  It worked way better than my GoPro4.  Put it this way, if you never had to handle the buttons and just use your smartphone to work it, it may work just fine, But why would you want a camera that does less than what your smartphone can do?  What a waste for the environment - all that electronics and plastics!! - for a single function equipment?  


I originally bought it to go diving with ... but with all the malfunctions ... and very limited ways to use it ... COMPLETELY USELESS!!  Better method is to get a dive cover for your smartphone ... cost about the same as GoPro fact about 25% less (what a GoPro would cost after the coupon offered to me as non-consolation!!) ... and it does not need further accessories, etc .... and you can use it with whichever smartphone you want!   Just google dive housing for smartphone!!


I have 5 Canon SLRs ... the oldest is 15 years old ... and none of them have ever given me much trouble.  And one that did, Canon, serviced it.  And all of them work fine.  So a 5 year old never worked Go Pro Hero 4, used twice when it worked intermittently ... that it is 5 years old is besides the point, when it is in practically mint conditions ... look ... if a car is 7 years old and only has 30,000 km on it, you would deem it a steal, so why make it as if it is a point about my so called "old" GoPro.


Fact of the matter is : SIngle Purpose, Often Malfunctioning, Zero Customer Support who only wants to sell you MORE but not help you with what you have, only help you if you have their latest gear, ... it is all marketing hot air and no real service at all, isn't it?    Don't believe me ... google problems with GoPro .... the list is longer than Santa's list at the North Pole as Christmas approaches.  Had I known ... I would have not touched GoPro with a 10 foot pole.  


So you folks out there, if you had not bought one yet ... don't bother ... and if you have, returned it before you cannot!  Don't do any of that if you like challenges of how to make camera function well rather than take photos or videos


Thanks for good wishes.  I will definitely enjoy my Samsung S10.  So great in low light that flying over Andes at midnight between Santos, Brazil and Santiago, Chile, I was able to capture a clear peek of the top of the Andes from just the light from our flight and the moon ... I cannot wait to take it diving with that innovative dive housing ... 


Afterthought : Are you paid by GoPro or sponsored by GoPro or in some way or another working for GoPro and receive some kind of benefits from them?  After all you only joined a year ago and have 9 GoPros?



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Re: Shutter button not working ... Nothing works

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Nope, not a GoPro Plus subscriber, just a regular customer no added benefits. I rarely use social media and only edit on a laptop for fun, so the whole Pro Plus subscriber thing just doesn't add any benefit to me.

Can't say that the number of GoPro's I own helped either as I didn't purchase all of them from GoPro I used other stores, so all in all, I think I only ever bought 3 camera's directly from GoPro (my last 3 purchases to be exact). 2 of these were due to a tradeup deal and one was because I wanted it ASAP due to the release date co-inciding with a birthday.

What would give me an advantage is that I've worked in customer service before and I've dealt with a lot of different people with different issues, so I have an understanding of people's frustrations and also customer supports frustrations too. With most customer support, you are basically given a response file that you must go through before initiating the next steps. In the case of GoPro, if a problem is described that could be related to an SD card issue, then they have to get you to try another SD card before they can move you onto the next steps. If your camera is out of warranty by a number of years, they can offer you a discount voucher for a new camera.

Had your camera been under warranty it could have been replaced and you would have been well within your rights to ask for a replacement, as it is, being given a discount voucher is a pretty good response for a 5 year old camera with a 1 year warranty.

BTW, all my camera's do less than what my cell phone does. I can't make calls on my camera, I can't surf the web on my camera, so why use an action camera over a smart phone? Because of image quality, video quality, durability and ease of mounting (I look dumb enough with a camera on a head strap, who wants to use a phone or a tablet on a headstrap?).

The advantage over diving with an action cam as opposed to a smart phone is of course the depth you can dive to, the smaller form factor and the non addition of bouyancy. Then again, since I don't dive (I have the swimming capabilities of a lead brick) it's not something I have to worry about.

I have two Canon SLR's myself and honestly, I think it's more about the quality of the lenses than the camera. They both still work fine (the 3ti is my oldest model). However size, weight and form factor don't make them a good alternative to a GoPro action camera. My first GoPro was a HD Hero 2 and my next model was a GoPro Hero 4 black. Both of which worked just fine, I still have my Hero 4 black which I still use and my Hero 2 I used as a tradeup for a Hero 8. It was still working the day I traded it up and I miss it for strictly sentimental reasons.

You raise a good point about a 7 year old car with 30K on the clock, but then again, if that car is a Ford Pinto, it doesn't matter how good a condition it's in, you still don't want to be stopped at a set of traffic lights with the turn signal on....

You're right, if you Google GoPro issues, you will indeed find a long list of complaints about GoPro's. What you haven't factored in though is how many of those issues are user errors, and how many GoPro's have been sold all over the world, so therefore what % of camera's do the complaints actually reflect. Without those figures you have no way to actually say if the overall complaints are equal to 50% of the camera's or .00005%

The fact is I've owned a number of GoPro's and haven't had an issue with them other than issues I've caused myself (incorrect SD card for instance). So honestly, if GoPro's were really as bad as you claim, I should have had a lot more issues since I've owned more camera's, but ya know, I really haven't. So one users's bad experience with a camera doesn't really reflect the company as a whole.

Good luck with your photographic endevours, I really do hope they work out for you. Again, it's not great that you had a bad experience with GoPro and I'm sure it's not one they wanted you to experience. You should post some photo's of your flights and diving or a youtube clip and list it here. If anything, it will show people why you prefer your phone over a GoPro and at the very least, get GoPro to step up their game.

To answer your afterthought, no, I'm not paid by GoPro, sponsored by GoPro, work for GoPro or receive any benefits from GoPro. I don't have 9 GoPro's since I used some of them in tradeups, I currently only own 8 camera's not 9. This is due to the fact I do probably have more money then sense.

The reason I'm only registered here a year is because I only joined when I decided it would be a good idea to register my camera's just in case they ever went walkabout. I had worn down the seriel number sticker on the Fusion and couldn't read it and didn't know where to get the number. So I joined the forum and lo and behold, support was able to answer my question pretty quickly (and boy did I feel dumb for not realizing this). At the same time I saw a few people having setup issues with their Fusions that I had experienced but solved, so I joined in and started dishing out advice for all the different models that I had owned. Now I just do it for fun and as a distraction (also works great for stress relief).

So trust me, it sucks that you had a bad experience with your GoPro and I wish it hadn't worked out that way. Hopefully down the road you get to give them a 2nd chance and it goes well.