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Should I?

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Hi all,


i’m not sure what to do, buy a Gopro Fusion or a Insta360 one X...

I know that Kolor is gone and as far as I know there are no frequent software

updates for the fusion as of late. What’s your take on this?


Hope to hear soon,





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Re: Should I?

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It depends on what you want to achieve with the camera.  Do you just want to take some photo's and video's quickly and upload them to facebook and instagram?  Or are you looking to make high quality video productions and invest quite a bit of money and time into the finished output?  I love shooting in 360 with my Fusion, but unfortunately their android app is terrible and suffers from frequent failures (as of this week, I cannot download photo's or video's from either of my Fusions to my andoid app, something I was able to do easily before their last update).  However I can go home, hop on my very expensive laptop, render footage via the GoPro Fusion Studio App (which will take about 20 mins), then export that footage over to Adobe Premier Pro (which I have to play a monthly licensing fee to use) just so I can get active panning and zooming movement in my footage.  The results are great, I'm impressed, but it's taken a large chunk of my bank account and at least 2-3 days to get a short clip made.  


The Insta360 one X... may be an option worth exploring, but I cannot say as I've never used one.  For all I know it could be better, the same or worse than the above.  For me, when it comes to shooting 360 video, you get back exactly what you put into it.