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Should I return it to the store?

No owner manual...just 3 pages of safety BS in English. The app doesn’t connect because I didn’t get to complete my set up the first time I turned the camera on. All of this high tech and 58 pages of non-English bs, but you can’t provide a decent set of operating instructions? Why not print English instructions so your customers can be good with your products and be fans instead of disgruntled purchasers returning your products.
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Re: Should I return it to the store?

For God’s sake how the hell did I get the nickname grandcliff8364? Seriously?
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Re: Should I return it to the store?

The manual can be found here

Updating instructions can be found here

Manually updating is the best route.
Make sure you are using a SD card from this list

With a battery charged more than 50% you can run the update.
Download the manual update to your computer
Right click and extract the UPDATE folder
Using a USB/SD adapter, insert your card into your computer
Do a full format of the card
Copy the UPDATE Folder (not to the SD card
Eject the card and place in the camera
Power on using the side Mode/Power button
Once the update is complete, go to Preferences>Reset and format the card in the camera
Again, go into Preferences>Reset and factory reset the camera.

Once done, your camera will be updated and you should be able to connect to the app without problems.
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Re: Should I return it to the store?

return it and get a refund! remember to tell your friends and family of your gopro hell experience.

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Re: Should I return it to the store?

I guess that is how we work today asking advice waht to do Should you return the camera to the store?   Panthlet does direct to  it all does this not?