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Share to Youtube - only 1080 and posts it 3 times to my YT account

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Hi all, 

First time owner, still working to figure this thing out!


If I shoot a video in 4k, upload via wifi with charging cable plugged in, then go online and hit "share" and pick YouTube, the video only goes to YT in 1080.  It never registers 4k unless I download the file to my computer and re-upload.  In other words, going from the Go Pro site directly to YT doesn't give me 4k.


Also, it is posting most (every?) video 3x to my YT account.  Why?  How can I get that to stop.



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Re: Share to Youtube - only 1080 and posts it 3 times to my YT account

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Hi @liamfmvt


Are you sharing from Quik for Desktop? Please note that the maximum resolution for the exported files is 1080p.

Also, while some functions of cameras may work with Quik for desktop, we have not provided any updates to the program prior to HERO8 and therefore we are unable to determine what features will work, what won't, and what consistency you may get with HERO8 and newer models.


You may explore other programs that can be used for the same purpose. Moreover, the GoPro Quik app also supports importing, viewing, and editing GoPro media on a compatible mobile device.