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Settings Hero 5 black mtb undergrowth

Hello team gropro,


I need an advice to setting my hero 5 black, I ride DH mtb in the forest with lots of shadow and some brightness.

My setting is 1080 60fps superview, video stabilization on, didn't use the protune (maybe I did?).

The fact is the picture is too "white" when you passed from the shadow to brightness.


Help me please


Best regards



MTB Rider


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Re: Settings Hero 5 black mtb undergrowth

Hello @ced2212


See some recommendations posted here:

This is not an official GoPro video but let us know how it works out for you. 


Best regards, 


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Re: Settings Hero 5 black mtb undergrowth

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hei Cedric, Marius,



@mariustanya good link thank you!


@ced2212 this is the most challenging for any camera, not only for GoPro.


this was made with hero5 black, all auto, stabilization on, mounted on the handlebar

made in June 2017, so by no mean was the latest firmware, 

I think was the 1.xx firmware, not even first 2.xx

maybe it is better now.


I do use nowadays hero5 as a backup camera, so no footages lately.


if you look at the end,  starting with second 35, indeed in the high contrast, the highlight areas are "burned".


camera try to "solve the entire area, to make the best he can.

but in this cases is hard.


I would try to use Exposure control, Auto exposure, meaning the camera will choose the right exposure from a limited area.

If the area is the trail, it might offer a better experience.



hero6 deals more fine with high contrast areas.

here is almost the same descend with GoPro hero6, karma grip chest mounted, a sunnier day...

look starting at 01:20, almost the same trail like with hero5.




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Re: Settings Hero 5 black mtb undergrowth

Hi Marius, 


This video was very interesting, it's easier when somebody explain to you all the setting! I'm now sure to use the protune mode, I set my Hero 5 while the videoSmiley Very Happy.


Thank you very much Marius




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Re: Settings Hero 5 black mtb undergrowth

Yay! Thank you for sharing, @robert1326. Bookmarking this for future reference.


Great to know that the video helps, @ced2212! Have fun on your mtb rides!